Essay on Contributions of Edgar Allen Poe

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Poe was an American poet who contributed many great pieces of literature to our society. His works illustrate and portray a realm of both paranormal and morbid beauty. In each poem usually lies a demonic undertone, that frequently summed up to a type of conclusion that can in one way or another pertain to h is life’s reminiscences. A common choice of topic for Poe was his love for his wife Virginia, who tragically died of tuberculosis. His poems that revolve around her, more often then not, contain a tone of sadness, loneliness, and despair. In both "The Raven" and "Annabel Lee" he makes reference to her as the long lost Lenore. Whether it was a way for him to idolize, or recollect on his memories of her he always seemed to do it in a …show more content…
This is quickly confirmed when once again the tapping returns. This is unsettling to the character, and unable to retain his composure of calm and collect, the reader feels a sense of unwinding of his personality as he makes the pivotal decision to investigate the window. Here the suspense of not knowing what’s to come intrigues and frightens adding to the mystery and suspense. After the character confirms to himself that the tapping at the window is "nothing" he quickly exposes what the noise is being projected from. And none the less a raven is displayed, and a explanation to the cause of the tapping puts the character and the reader at a sense of ease. But, ironically, the raven is a symbol of death. And once the association of the two is made, once again a mysterious fog seems to cloud the readers mind with uncertainty of why the raven was chosen to be placed outside the poor fellow’s window.
Where the educated reader may draw the relevancy, the character is oblivious to the matter, seems to take it in as humor, and the atmosphere of sadness seems to dissipate as he carry’s on and begins to converse with the bird. He idolizes the bird, and gives it a godly decree. He dictates to the reader a clear picture that undoubtedly portrays a bird, black as night and as haunting as death itself. And adding to the demonic nature of the bird the character goes on and

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