Control Center And Back Up Control Centers

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1. Control Center and back-up Control Centers: (R1.i.) i. LP&L has 1 Control Center located at the Distribution office that contains the SCADA system. ii. The Control Center does not perform any functional obligations of the Reliability Coordinator or Balancing Authority. iii. Although Xcel Energy (SPS) performs most of the functional obligations of the Transmission Control Center, in accordance with the Coordinated Functional Relationship (JRO00055), LP&L does operate its breakers, which meets the definition of Criterion 2.12, thereby designating it as Medium Impact Rating (M). 2. Transmission substations: (R1.ii.) i. LP&L 4 Transmission substations that are operated at 230kV/69kV. ii. LP&L does not have any Transmission substations…show more content…
iii. LP&L’s maximum MVAR is 14.4, which is well below Criterion 2.2 of 1000 MVAR or greater; therefore this Criterion is not applicable. iv. LP&L’s generation is not necessary for the Planning Coordinator or Transmission Provider as per Criterion 2.3. v. LP&L’s generation and Transmission are not identified by the Reliability Coordinator, Planning Coordinator, or Transmission Planner as critical to IROL; therefore Criterion 2.6 is not applicable. vi. LP&L does not employ the use of SPS, RAS, or automated switching that would create an IROL; therefore, Criterion 2.9 is not applicable. vii. LP&L received confirmation from SPP that Criteria 2.3 and 2.6 are not applicable. viii. LP&L does not perform any functional obligations of a GOP, and the Real Power Capability does not meet the 1500MW threshold; therefore, Criterion 2.11 is not applicable. ix. Criterion 2.13 is not applicable since the highest rated net Real Power capability for LP&L’s generation resources at a single interconnection is only 138MW, which is far below the Criterion threshold of 1500MW. x. Since the generation resources do not meet the High or Medium Impact Rating, the units will be classified as Low Impact Rating (L) per Criterion 3.3. 4. BES Restoration: (R1.iv.) LP&L does not have any Blackstart resources or
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