Control In Ernest Gaines's A Lesson Before Dying

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Control and its effect on entities based on observations of ENG3UT
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction –Newton’s third law. This law is just as accurate for human interactions; for every content dominant man, there is a sad submissive man. The symbolism used by Ernest Gaines, Henrik Ibsen, Ambrose Flack, and Isaac Asimov is used to show how control over others, leads to sadness for the inferior person in the relationship. These corrupt relationships are shown in A Lesson before Dying using the symbols, the broken books of the black children, the electric chair and Pichot’s kitchen, which help illustrate how groups in control, the whites, will hurt subservient groups, the blacks. Nora’s pet names, the children’s maid, and Krogstad’s letters are symbols found in Doll’s House and help show how one person who has control over another is detrimental for the controled party. Finally, in the short stories, “The Stranger That Came To Town” and “The Fun They Had”, symbols such as the soap bar that killed the fish, the amputations of the Duvitch family and the slot used on the robot teacher, help show how a dominant society harms individual in the minority.
In the book, A Lesson Before Dying, Ernest Gaines uses symbols to show how a dominant group can oppress a minority group; whites control and harm blacks. One symbol he uses to express this relationship is the broken textbooks of the black children. These books represent the dominance the white have over the black educations, when the Teacher, Wiggins, tries to get better books, "Many of the books I have to use are hand-me-downs from the white schools, Dr. Joseph, [...] and they have missing pages. How can I--," the white inspector, Dr Joseph, quickly shuts him down, "Are you questioning me, Higgins?" "No, sir, Dr. Joseph." (Gaines 57) Wiggins does not have any control in this situation, as shown with his submissiveness and Dr Joseph lack of care for his name. Due to this lack of control, he cannot get better books. These books symbolise how the whites are treating the black community, as lower and second class, they are only worthy of used and broken items from the whites. The control over the black makes it that the children get a worst

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