Control Is The Power Of Social Deviance And Social Control

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The Good Kid Abstract Social deviance can be viewed as a noise that disrupts the peace and harmony of the society. Social control is the power of social order the exact opposite of social deviance. It's the silencer that challenges the noise making it conform to what is considered a norm. Within a historical period, the dominating organization of power uses social controls to efficiently expel or put into constraint whatever is the ‘other' that challenges whatever is the norm. This report is about my personal experience in the involvement of deviance and social control. The roles I have played in peacemaking between family members, the enforcement of sports rule, interactions with law enforcement officers, student honor code, and demonstrating for social justice. It also includes what I have learned from my experience concerning the maintenance of law and order in the society. According to Inderbitzin M, (2013), norms are the rules of behavior that guides the actions of people in a set community. Norms can be broken down into three categories as follows; folkways which explains the everyday standards that even if they are violated, they do not cause much of an uproar. They are the behaviors that are considered as rude such as picking of one's nose or standing too close to a person while speaking to them. The other norms are the mores, which cause more uproar if broken such as alcoholism which is considered as a lapse in moral judgment. Finally, there is the
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