Control Mechanisms Paper

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Control Mechanisms paper RUNNING HEAD: Control Mechanism Paper In order to understand control mechanisms, it is important to understand what control means in the management world. Control refers to the workings of individuals being directed to achieve organizational goals. This can be the way that managers keep their employees on track and focused toward meeting their goals. The managers are controlling the employees. In order to meet the organizational goals, there are certain control mechanisms that are used. In Wal-Mart, four examples of control mechanisms used include finance control, distribution control, audits, and performance reviews. Finance control refers to the way that Wal-Mart regulates their finances. This refers to…show more content…
This can be the most difficult part because you want your customers to be happy. Getting a poor review is something that is inevitable, and should be handled as soon as possible because the whole purpose of the review was to keep the company abreast of all things about the company. You should regard your review as a learning experience, with this review you should be able to take away valuable information that can hopefully help the company move forward Wal-Mart distribution control is the key to this company success. Wal-Mart wants to take over the United States services from suppliers in an attempt to reduce the cost of hauling supplies (Burit 2010). This is a huge step in the right direction for this company because by Wal-Mart doing this, they have an advantage over the other competitors. Wal-Mart wants to cut the time of delivery in half, by having more fleets on the road, and by filling them to capacity, and dropping off directly to the distribution centers and stores. The down side to the distribution control is Wal-Mart will see an increase in transportation costs. The control mechanisms are made up of the four functions of management and this is considered the focused approach of Wal-Mart. The four functions of management are: planning and organizing, leading and controlling. These four functions play a crucial role in monitoring to ensure compliance and providing control practices.
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