Control Of Employee Turnover At Tft Corporation

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Proposal For Control of Employee Turnover at TFT Corporation Submitted To Department of Human Resource Management TFT Corporation 1600 Park Road Dallas By Erin Turner Best Human Resource Practices Consulting Limited (BHRPCL) 1300 Second Street Vice City, California August 09, 2016 INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY This project proposes practical ways to minimize the diversifying rate of employee turnover at TFT Corporation with no exertion of extreme pressure on the existing resources (material, human, and monetary). Employees can leave one firm for another in the quest for better payments, better working environment, better organizational culture, and freedom from managerial pressure. The HRM sector is obligatory for most of the duties…show more content…
TFT Corporation loses an average of thirty employees every year since 2013 and hence enacts a recruitment strategy at the start of every successive year to compensate the created vacancies. Besides to that, the company has noted a declining trend in the profit trend since the existing consumers are losing their confidence in the productivity of the corporation. Retention of specialized employees in a firm upholds the consumers ' trust in a company 's potential to meet the underlying customer needs optimally. This trend accounts for the corporation 's statistics whereby it had noted a decrease in aggregate sales from $46 billion in 2014 to $40 billion in December 2015. The high employee turnover rate in TFT Corporation is adversely affecting the company 's economic growth and competitiveness. PROJECT GOAL I propose to present practical strategies targeted at reducing the final rate of employee turnover at TFT Corporation to a reasonably productive rate like one or two employees per year. I recommend the establishment of winning strategies for employee motivation, setting of promotion strategies based on employee performance, and training of employees. PLAN OF PROPOSED WORK The project will cover seven main strategies whereby the following will be enacted. The plans entail effective employee motivation; promotion based on employee job performance; Training of employees;

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