Control System And Performance Of Dc Micro Grid Under Various Loads

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Control System and Performance of DC Micro grid under Various Loads

Ya Min Soe#1, Soe Soe Ei Aung#2, Zarchi Linn#3
Ph.D Student, Department of Electrical Power Engineering, Yangon Technological University,
Yangon Technological University, InseinTownship, Yangon, Myanmar
Ph No: +95 95070091

Abstract: DC microgrid is the high quality electric power system focused on the development of renewable energy resources. The dc distribution system is connected to AC grid, Photovoltaic system and synchronous generator. Moreover, the power is transmitted through dc distribution line and is converted to required AC or DC voltages by load side converters. Those converters do not require transformers by choosing proper DC distribution voltage. The DC power line is 400V. This distributed design of load side converters also contributes to provide supplying high quality power. In this research, the configuration of DC microgrid system, control methods of distributed generation will be presented. Moreover, stand-alone system and grid connected system of DC microgrid will also be expressed. The model of DC microgrid system will be constructed with MATLAB/SIMULINK. Simulation results will be described.

Keywords: DC Microgrid, Distributed Generation, High Quality Power, Converters

Introduction: Myanmar has abundant renewable energy resources. Among these resources, hydropower is being developed and utilized on a commercial
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