Control The Azimuth Angle Of An Anti Aircraft Gun

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Abstract: The goal of this project is to control the azimuth angle of an anti aircraft gun. Anti aircraft gun is a type of counter measure gear used to fire tracer rounds to the hostile aircraft. It is a fixed ground gun system which can rotate in azimuth as well as in horizon. It can track the tail of an airship and hunt it down. The first effective anti aircraft gun was used in world war I. But, the most drawback was that, it was human controlled thus human casualties was high. To dominate over the battlefield and reduce the human casualties an automated anti aircraft gun system is a must. In Bangladesh military the artillery division uses Type 55/Type 65/Type 75 anti aircraft gun, but they all are human controlled. So, this project can help developing automated anti aircraft gun that can be used for Bangladesh military and they can keep pace with the other warlords. Introduction: The anti aircraft gun system can sense the location of the hostile object which is at rest or in motion. The exact location or trajectory is fed to the system every time until the gun nose is along the enemy tail. So, there should be a continuous sensing feedback mechanism. According to sensor input the actuator will act to the desired position. During an air assault it is very dangerous for a soldier to operate the countermeasure gear. One hand he has to keep tracking the airship, other hand he needs to keep himself alive from enemy fire. This will distract him from aiming the ship accurately.

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