Control The Wildfires Of Alberta Canada

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Humans maintain the park and influence mandatory controlled fires as well as control the wildfires. Wildfires are required to burn in order to keep the ecosystem in check. In Banff National Park, these fires burn in old growth areas. Once the fire is burned out it leaves nutrients in the soil to aid in regrowth for future plants. After the fire Grizzly Bears rummage through the now loose and nutrient rich soil for certain roots that are apart of their diets. These roots are only accessible to the Grizzly Bear after a fire has cleared out the forest. Once regeneration starts, the nutrients in the soil allow other food sources to begin growth and bears start to forage for them. The cycle continues once the forest has regrown.

Banff National Park in Alberta Canada has a very interesting climate. The study site only a few miles away from the city of Banff resides on the front ranges of the Rocky Mountains. The Continental Divide is only 45 km (28 miles) west of the study location. The climate around the park as a whole is interesting. It is commonly known to be completely different weather at varying temperatures all over the park. Throughout the day, the weather frequently changes dramatically. Areas studied included dry meadows, shrub-fields and shrub-lands, open or immature forest and mature forests. All of which have a nutrient rich post-wildfire soil. The forests are primarily spruce, lodgepole pine, subalpine fir and alpine larch.

The town of Banff is the climate…

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