Control Theories: Practice Orientation Verses Culture Of Poverty

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Control theories focus on how much control a person has over their surrounding environment (Hutchison, 2015). There are four essential sections to the control theories which include privacy, personal space, territoriality, and crowding. People use personal space and territoriality, boundary regulating mechanisms, to achieve a greater amount of control over their environment (Hutchison, 2015). Privacy contains two major aspects what include the ability to keep information inaccessible and the ability to interact (or not interact) with others (Hutchison, 2015). Privacy also means not having conversations be overheard and being able to not always be seen. The amount of privacy needed differs between individuals and the circumstances that surround…show more content…
This philosophy suggested that underprivileged people accepted their lifestyle as it was. Society did not evaluate inequalities like the effects of low-wage incomes on black people who were competent for better jobs, redlining (forcing black people to buy in black neighborhoods), and denial of black people into college that qualified. Instead, they suggested that black people were penurious due to their own beliefs and values (Hutchison, 2015). Practice orientation is the updated version of culture of poverty that scholars revised by using its best ideas (Hutchison, 2015). This theory examines how culture effects the way people act and conduct themselves in society. Furthermore, it shows how people acclimate to the surrounding culture. The goal is to help understand how inequalities have originated by examining the history and structure of society instead of specifically looking at the individual (Hutchison,…show more content…
As she continues into her teenage years, the need for privacy will be become stronger. I am grateful that they were able to move into an apartment that will give them a better outlook on life. Dasani’s family will feel equate their primary territory to this new apartment. I believe this will give them a deepened security compared to living at Auburn. This knowledge is important for me as a developing social worker because of the awareness that it brings. I have not lived in their world, I cannot even begin to relate to their circumstances of daily living. Have a broader perspective into the lives of a family living in a shelter with deplorable conditions might help me if I deal with homeless people in my profession. I am hoping that my future practice will be one of advocating for people like Dasani and her family. I hope to make changes that will better the living conditions, lifestyles, and health of those needing a hand up in life in order to be
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