Controllable Car Project Paper

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As the foundation of the project progresses there are several key tasks that must be completed to provide a thorough and feasible concept of a wheelchair accessible and controllable car
The foundation of the wheelchair accessible and functional car will be dictated by the needs of the people. The audience that needs to be primarily satisfied are the people who have suffered injuries or in circumstances which do not allow them to have the free mobility by use of their legs. Along with this main group that needs to be accommodated, the car needs to be appropriate for other family members as well. By piecing together, the essential components of the specialized car a conceptual sketch will be first attempted. With this first hand drawn initial idea there will be several iterations with
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Here, he will be explaining the ways that can be used to achieve the goal of our project which is to build a fully functioning wheelchair. The problems that can be faced are predicted and presented here, and the ways to rectify these problems will also be presented here. Any data recorded that will help in the effective design of the wheelchair will be documented here.
The Application Details will be done by______________. This part will expand on the applications described in the background. Moreover, there will be a few more applications that will be explained thoroughly with the help of illustrations such as drawings and pictures. The sustainability of the wheelchairs (such as the sustainability of the materials used and how eco-friendly the design is) will also be explained in detail under this part.
The Results of this report will be done by Alston Menezes. He will talk about how the wheelchair can help the physically disabled lead a better and more independent life and how the process followed to manufacture this chair can be manipulated to form designs that are more sustainable and environmentally
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