Controlled Fire During The Paleolithic Period

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Controlled Fire in the Paleolithic Period (2.6 million B.C. – 10,000 B.C.) The origins of controlled fire go back to the Paleolithic Period, by early humans some of the evidence takes us all the way back to East Africa. The use of controlled fire was a big and important development for these early humans, this tool could be handled in so many ways not only provided them food but also shelter, and protection. The development of controlled fire meant that food could be haunted and cooked immediately so meat wouldn’t rot. Because there were many hominids scared across the world controlled fire allowed them to defrost frozen meat in cold regions, this provided a more sterilized as well as nutritious diet. It could not only be used for meats…show more content…
Clothing was part of these new developments, prehistoric clothing consisted of fur, grass, leaves and leather that were wrapped or tied to the body in order to protect from elements of the time. Archeologist have seen objects like handmade needles that were used to sew these clothing’s in order to create different items to keep them warm and dry. A main disadvantage of most prehistoric clothing was that the materials would deteriorate quite fast, later on the next generation of humans found themselves creating more durable and wearable pieces of clothing. Neanderthals faced harsh climates there were parts of Northern Asia and Europe that had series of Ice ages, because of this man had to step up and create something to keep their body heat. With the creation of tools in order to hunt they found themselves hunting deer, mammoths and bears which provided large, thick and furry coats for them. At first their clothing tended to be simple by making holes in the head and arm area letting them drape all over their bodies. Later on it can be seen that they grew more and more sophisticated by creating strips to wrap their clothing in place sort of like belts. After Neanderthals there came the invention of the tunics by the Cro-Magnon people they mainly consisted of skin from a given animal and it
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