Controlled Fire

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There is big debate as to exactly when humans first discovered the controlled use of fire. Many people ask if they Uncontrolled fire was terrified in early life and still has the power to scare today. Forest fires, or houses being burnt to the ground are still huge problems. However, t were able to start it, how did they control it. We do not have any honest answers but they may have used pieces of flint to create sparks. They could have rubbed two sticks together to start a fire. The conditions of their sticks should be good for a fire. The earliest humans were scared of fire just like animals were. They were smart enough to figure out they could use fire for a number of uses. Fire provided for them light, heat, and would keep animals away…show more content…
Stone age people took needles from animal bones and used the thread to sew animal hide and fur into clothes, and shoes. It was used to create string or yarn that had many uses, like in making baskets. But what was very interesting about these fibers, found in the Republic of Georgia, was their color. Even though there were the natural black fibers, pink, and turquoise were some other colors. They were pretty late invention but the bow and arrow was an ultimate stone age weapon, in some parts of the world they have only been in use for 30,000 years or so. This weapon needed a number of inventions to occur before it could be finalized. First of all they needed very strong tine or string, they needed a sharp stone tool to shape the bow and the arrow and the possession to split very sharp, fine stone for the arrow tips. The skill to capture or kill prey from a distance gave our stone age man a huge advantage. Long hunting spears and thrusting spears was good because they didn't have to get to close to their prey and had a much better chance of killing or injuring the animal and lowering the risk of your own death or injuries. It was a matter of getting food and protecting themselves stone age man had to encountered creatures with sharp teeth and
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