Controlling Chat For A Staff

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Chatting - Controlling chat for a staff member or for me is very importan.If i were to be given staff i would make sure chat is clean and that there is no toxicty.I will do everything i can to keep spamming the lowest i can.If there is argueing in chat i will try to end it by calming both people down.I will make sure everybody is having fun chating each other and playing together.I am very good at chat-modding from previous experience and i can act fast to people who advertise and more.I feel like i will be a very good staff if i get the opportunity to be one.One of the keys being a good staff member is majurity for me.Also i will make sure to be respectful and polite to people in chat and help them the best way i can.After atleast 5 months of moderating server i feel like i will be a very efficient and helpful staff member to the network. Teamspeak - I will be in TeamSpeak aslong as i am in the server.I will make sure to join teamspeak first and help people out the best way i can.I will make sure people understand the situaution like if i have to ban them or the reason i can 't help.If any people are mad and scream in TS i will try my best to calm them down and helping them.In my opinion being able to communicate with people and understanding them on TS is very importan.I feel like understanding people won 't be a problem for me.I will try my best understanding what they need to tell me.If people die and insist at getting revived and i can 't do anything about that i will

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