Essay about Controlling Corporate Farming

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Controlling Corporate Farming

'Sixty-one percent of America's agriculture output comes from corporate farms' (Abbey, 2002). 'Nationwide there are 163,000 corporate operations and 63% of these are under contract to a consolidated firm' (Abbey, 2002). Stated by Fred Kirschenmann, 'If current trends of consolidation continue, and all the farms in Iowa become 225,000 acre farms, there will be only 140 farms in the entire state' (Abbey, 2002).

Large corporations are coming in and taking over the farming industry. They are making it almost impossible for small, family operated farms to survive. 'The six and a half million small farms of 1935 decreased to 575,000 by 1998? (Abbey, 2002). The large
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There are many anti-corporate faming laws in place that have been around since about the 1930?s that were originated in Kansas and North Dakota (McDonough, 2003). These laws are intended to slow down large corporations coming into small communities and pushing out the small, family operated farms. North Dakota was the first state, with nine other states right behind it. These states include North Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

In 1932, North Dakota originated its first anti-corporation law. It prohibited any corporation from farming there. This law seemed to be extreme so it was amended in 1981 stating that there would only be fifteen or fewer corporate shareholders ( These laws have inhibited corporate farming from taking over North Dakota, making it a better place for local agriculture. If these laws aren?t followed, there are penalties in place to punish the violators with fines up to $25,000.

Kansas passed their anti-corporation laws in 1995, which ?prohibited corporations of any kind from owning or acquiring any agricultural land? ( There are stockholders that are given rights to the land and they have to be directly involved with the production of the farm, and this is how they prevent the corporations from taking
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