Controlling Organized Crime

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Controlling Organize Crime Paper
Louis Pierre
May 6, 2013
University of phoenix
Professor: Glen Winters

Controlling Organize Crime Paper
Organize crime is a conspiratorial activity involving the coordination of numerous people in the planning and execution of illegal acts or in the pursuit of a legitimate objective by unlawful means, for example, threatening a legitimate business to get stake in it. However, organize crime involves continuous commitment by primary members, although individuals with specialized skills may be brought in as needed. Therefore, organize crime is usually structured along hierarchical lines is a chieftain supported by close advisers, lower subordinates, and so on.
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Federal and State actually did a little to combat organized crime until fairly recently. One of the first measures aimed directly at organize crime was the interstate and Foreign travel or transportation in Aid of Racketeering enterprises Act. ("Opening Statement", 2000). However, the convergence in many ways of organized criminal activity, including drug trafficking and terrorism, is a growing concern to the United States and the world. Some experts in the field suggest that in a growing number of cases organized crime and terrorism are being jointly orchestrated, and that this trend can be developing into a global phenomenon. If true, we face a significant new challenge from both law enforcement and national security perspectives. But even if they are not intertwined in an immediate and direct contractual way, the reality appears to be that drug trafficking and terrorism in an organized sense is very much present, and that organizational sense alone means that is in many cases organized criminal behavior by those involved in it, whether it is Cosa Nostra or the Russian mafia or anybody like that engaged in it or not. Drug trafficking and terrorism are illegal, clandestine activities and they have a number of common needs: the acquisition of weapons, the maintaining of anonymity, hiding assets, keeping a steady flow of cash, and they both have found their hands strengthened through the ability to operate transnationally. It is important to bear in mind for
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