Controlling Organized Crime

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Controlling Organized Crime CJA384 Controlling Organized Crime Since the 1990’s, organized crime has become a problem among U.S. citizens. The Mafia was the earliest group to show its strengths of power and manipulation among citizens and business of New York City. From the time of the Mafia’s rise, other criminal organizations have surfaced using their power to corrupt personal within business for the gain of finance and political strength. In today society, one of the main question when it comes to these groups is how can criminal organizations be controlled? This paper will identify the problems presented and the various relationships established by organized crime. It will describe the legal limitations associated with combating…show more content…
Conversely, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has classified organized crime “as a continuing criminal conspiracy with an organized structure that is successful because of its use of fear, corruption, and violence” (Mallory & Mallory, 2012). The characteristics defined above provide a basis for deciding if a specific group of criminals represent organized crime. This type of information is essential because organized crime has be handled in a different way from those of traditional offenders. Researchers can do a more comprehensive understanding could be acquired from the many empirical and speculative theories that contribute in the clarification of organized crime; this writer would it to be known that there is not one theory that can be applicable to the various groups of organized crime or its participants (Mallory & Mallory, 2012). When dealing with organized crime, those working in the criminal justice field that there are plentiful problems that organized crime brings to the table. One such issues that can rise up are the provision of illicit markets is one large problem associated with organized crime. This is an issues because communities that are in a susceptible state and as a result this types of villages can undoubtedly become dependent on what organized crime can supply (Beare & Naylor, 1994). Within at risk environment manipulation and perversion can
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