Essay on Controlling Organized Crime

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Controlling Organized Crime

CJA/393 Criminal Organizations
June 1, 2010

Controlling Organized Crime In this paper, I will identify the problems presented and the various relationships established by organized crime. I will also describe the legal limitations associated with combating organized crime, and include a critique of major federal laws and strategies that support this effort. Lastly, I will suggest a solution to control organized crime by discussing and evaluating the effectiveness of organized crime prosecutions. The organized crime legal definition is defined as a widespread group of professional criminals, who rely on illegal activities as a way of life and whose activities are coordinated and controlled
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This would be the time when the criminal characteristic comes into play, because the groups would provide things the neighborhood people would have never seen or possessed. They provide jobs for people, which in most cases would be considered as illegal. The neighborhoods look forward to the goods they make available, and the protection that is provided. With these provisions, the groups will maintain a high social status rate within the neighborhoods. Once the groups have managed to implant themselves into the neighborhoods and surrounding communities, they then develop a strong association with the local government. These groups think by getting in good with the city officials and local law enforcement, that it becomes smooth sailing from then on. It was known to happen that way, until certain groups got greedy, which triggered and led to the largest FBI investigation in history. The investigation was caused by illegal drugs, alcohol, gambling, and prostitution; which eventually caused the collapse of the empirical crime families. Empirical theories in case of organized crime include political science, law enforcement and international relations. Speculative theory includes the conspiracy approach o organized crime. In case of empirical theories organized crime is attempted to be resolved through the efforts of politicians who are responsible for the welfare of

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