Controlling The People Of Oceania

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Controlling the People of Oceania
In the novel 1984 by George Orwell, the Party develops multiple strategies and tactics that allow them to gain complete control over the people of Oceania. As a result, the Party has the ability to manipulate people. Through the use of this power, the Party eradicates any and all individuality including the freedom to intervene in governmental development. Instead of using surveillance methods to help the people, they use them to gain control. The Party instills fear in the citizens of Oceania through the abuse of power, and thought control as well as the promotion of big brother.
A major way in which the government controls people is through the use of surveillance and propaganda. It is clear that the “..surveillance in the novel is a monitoring or policing function” and it comes with a negative connotation (Yeo 55). The thought police monitor every single thought, action, movement etc. which allows the system to “work through self-censorship and surreptitious spying, to police not just speech and action but also thought and belief. Propaganda too works upon thought and belief, but differently: propaganda instils belief, surveillance policies it” (Yeo). In other words, the government acts as a sense of law enforcement when they are using surveillance to continuously watch over the people. The Party resembles the police because they are continuously enforcing strict behavioral guidelines and want people to follow them at all times. The…
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