Controversia Conversion Therapy Research Paper

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Conversion therapy goes by many names, such as reparative therapy, Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE), and ex-gay therapy, but all are geared towards the same end result: to eradicate homosexuality as a whole, even if it may be completely natural to the individual. Despite the common belief, homosexuality is not an illness. In fact, it was declassified as a mental illness from the ICD-10 in 1973. However, there are several organizations dedicated to the very purpose of treating it as one. While it may seem like an antiquated topic, the issue is still being debated and even encouraged to this day, despite its lacking ethical standing.
Conversion therapy’s core beliefs are deeply rooted in outdated, obsolete, and unfounded ideals. In the past, the institutionalization of the LGBT+ people has been underrepresented, despite how
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The stigma that those in the community are viewed as “child molesters” and inherently predatory only manages to perpetuate negative stereotypes. Instead of attempting to classify and treat homosexuality as a mental disorder, what should be focused on is the effect such a stigmatization could have on the patient. In fact, LGBT+ youth are at a much higher risk of suicide, depression, and anxiety. According to a study entitled: Sex of Sexual Contacts, and Health-Risk Behaviors Among Students in Grades 9-12: Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, 80% more of those who experience same sex attraction and 100% more of bisexual people have attempted suicide when compared to heterosexuals. This ostracization is often looked over and instead placed on the individual's sexuality as means for causation, when in it is in fact the source. Because of this, those who are subjected to this “fundamental view that homosexuality and bisexuality indicate or are automatically associated with mental disturbance or dysfunction,” they are lead to internalize as much (Association,

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