Controversial Animal Testing

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Human experimentation has been a practice for hundreds of years. Human experimentation is, “subjecting live human beings to science experiments that are sometimes cruel, sometimes painful, sometimes deadly and always a risk” (Human Medical). Humans have been test subjects for vaccines, medication, and procedure for doctors across the world. They have been used with or without their consent through various ways of testing and studies and have been taken advantage of during the entire process. Obviously, by testing humans, it is easier to see what will happen to other human patients than if scientist tested in a lab on an animal. Testing on the same species as the intended recipient is important because every animal has a different body composition…show more content…
One of the main arguments/problems with human experimentation is regarding consent. Consent, or giving one permission, is an important part of signing up for experimentation but it has been avoided many times throughout history. Doctors and scientists have taken advantage of uneducated people and convinced them to participate in potentially life threatening studies. They use money and wordiness to mask the true danger of the experiment in some cases to find test subjects for controversial tests. Similarly, minorities or groups that are discriminated against also fall into this category of people who are subject to be chosen as test subjects. The Aversion Project occurred in South Africa where about 900 homosexual soldiers were sent to Ward 22 and experienced shock treatment and other horrendous treatment meant to cure them of their “Homosexual condition”(10 of the Most). Another issue it the potential loss for a human life. Not that killing an animal is right but, putting a person’s life on the line is much more important and should not be taken lightly. With this being said, instances still occur where people are taken advantage of, discriminated against, and essentially forced into experiments instead of testing animals or with people that give true informed consent. Human experimentation leads to poor conditions, discrimination, and death when consent fails to be
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