Controversial Aspects of Waldorf School Education

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Controversial Aspects of Waldorf School Education and its Philosophy

Bc.Linda Sedláková

Introduction Waldorf schools are a fairly new phenomenon in our country. They first appeared in our educational system in the school year1992/1993 and since their foundation have expanded. Nowadays, we can see a Waldorf school or at least its scion almost in every city. Their popularity among parents increases and although they struggle for their existence, they somehow manage to keep their status of a state school. To an uninitiated observer, such a school type seems very creative and child friendly. Many positive aspects cannot be denied but there are
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The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy interprets Anthroposophy in a similar way and names it “The Christian and occultist movement associated with Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) emphasizing the cultivation of spiritual nature and the way to gain spiritual awareness of a higher world” (Oxford, 1994, p.75)
Anthroposophy is not only involved in education but we can recognize this philosophical direction in several other activities including healing dance – eurhythmy, the arts, medical practice, health and hygiene, biodynamic agriculture, banking and financial consulting, publishing, the anthropological Society and also a formal Church called The Christian Community.(, 6/12/12).

Criticism of Waldorf Schools
Education or schooling of our children should certainly be objective as much as possible without occultist practices. We should educate independent human beings able to view their lives with freedom, able to search for verifiable information themselves without penalties. Freedom of choice should be the right for every individual. One should not be excluded or asked to “leave” when asking "inconvenient" or "suspicious" questions. The evidence

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