Controversial Behavior Burdens

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How Controversial Behavior Burdens the World “Within Forty-eight hours, more than 236 Jews were murdered; 1,300 synagogues were burned; and more than 7,000 Jewish shops, businesses, schools, and private homes were vandalized and destroyed. The Nazis also arrested more than 30,000 Jews… many never to be seen again” (Hitler Youth Bartoletti pg. 54)[EC1] . [EC2] In difficult situations, like the one mentioned above, there are scenarios where it is tolerable to perform an action that would otherwise be unacceptable. These actions would be acceptable due to the way it impacts a person’s conscience, for a morally just reason, during a life or death situation, and by learning from the mistake[TS3] . People make bad choices all the time, which…show more content…
When people started to believe this they treated the Jewish people badly. However, their conscience after the war made them feel guilty for all the actions they carried out. The people of the Holocaust’s actions may not be acceptable in today’s world, they are understandable for that time period and the problems they had to endure. Along with how actions affect a person’s conscience, their actions in a tough situation are justified by the moral reasoning behind them. One example of when an individual’s actions are morally justified is when they are doing it to help someone else that is in a difficult situation as well. In the book Night[TS9] , it states, “‘The only thing that keeps me alive,’[Stein] used to say, ‘Is that Reizel and the children are still alive. If it wasn’t for them, I couldn’t keep going’” (Wiesel 42). This lie that Elie told was justified because as shown in the previous quote, he gave Stein hope and something to live for, which Stein otherwise wouldn’t have had in the final weeks of his[TS10] life. By giving Stein hope, Elie was lying to better help somebody else, which is a morally justified reason to lie. Another example of how moral justification deems improper actions acceptable in difficult situations in Hitler Youth, on page 35. In this quote, it states, “As punishment, his leader ordered him to run laps around a drill field…and I told him to shut up. He
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