Controversial Issues During The Pre Civil War

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There were many controversial issues and events during the Pre-Civil War Era that stimulated and contributed to the occurrence of the war. Many of these issues and events were affected by one man in particular during this time, Frederick Douglass. He was an African American slave who ran away to become a free man, and he had considerable influence among the nation. He wrote a narrative about his life as a slave, which had a great impact on society and on the Civil War, but understanding its impact on society requires looking at the history of the nation combined with the effects of Frederick Douglass and his book. Back during the establishment of the colonies, there was a distinct difference between the North and the South. The North had an economy that was run by small family farms. The South had an economy that was run by plantations with cash crops; at this time the cash crop was tobacco. The nation did not come together and form though until the Revolutionary War, but that is of little importance, the regions still had their differences even before they became one nation. After the nation had been formed, they found that their current form of government was not going to sustain them for long. They had to rewrite the rules of the land, and in the process of making these rules, the issues of slavery were already being argued. In the creation of the United States Constitution, many controversial topics and issues were brought up, and among these was slavery. The first
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