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The controversial artist Kanye West has always attempted to make known what he thinks, no matter if he has to be disrespectful or graphic in his illustrations of said topic. So it wasn't a real surprise when he chose to focus his energy into reveling to the American public horrors happening that had a direct connection with the beloved diamond stone. West's 2005 music video “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” shows the corrupted underground diamond trade in the African country, Sierra Leone. From this groundbreaking video, West showed the devastated lives those who worked on the mining rivers live. However upon further investigation into the issue of diamond workers in Sierra Leone there emerged the true source of the situation, a violent…show more content…
The narrator end with the line “We are the children of the blood diamonds” with a close up of a child worker, however the child's pupils are heavily dilated. This is to illustrate the effect that cartoon animators give to characters when they see something bright and shinny, like a diamond. Since all the children do all day is mine diamonds the pupils of their eyes have permanently become adjusted to that size. The narrator repeats “blood diamonds” over and over again while a jeweler examines diamonds, however even though the diamonds are blood or conflict diamonds, they do not look any different than any other diamond mined from another country. It is after all of this that the hook of the song begins, a Shirley Bassey sings that lines “Diamonds are forever. They won't leave in the night, I've no fear that they might desert me” while West walks around a wealthy-looking European city, the children crowd around each other in the dark and dusty mines in which they work. From the point of view of the children, these diamonds are the only thing that is there lives and the only reason why they are living today. It is often said that diamonds are a girls best friend, however for these children it seems like diamonds are their only friends because they have lost everything else to the rebels; their families, their childhood and innocence, and their freedom. In another part of the video a man is proposing to a woman and puts
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