Controversial Television Advertising

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Controversial Television Advertising and its Effects on Children and Teenagers When you hear sexual content, racial stereotyping, violence, women displayed as sex objects, and drinking, you may think it is your typical R rated movie, right? Wrong. Try the typical television commercial. Television advertising with positive messages can influence children and teenagers to make better decisions and positive behavioral changes. The same can be true when they view negative messages. This too, can influence children and teenagers, for the worse. The impact television advertising has on our youth shapes the way they behave and see the world. Is this the way you want the youth of today to see the world? Do you want them mimicking the…show more content…
Children and teens tend to mimic what they see their peers do and are having sex without being prepared for the consequences that could follow. Brody (2006) states “each year, nearly 900,000 teenage girls in the United States become pregnant (340,000 are 17 or younger). There are more cases of sexually transmitted diseases in teenagers than adults (Brody, 2006). Have you ever watched a television advertisement and afterward felt that you needed to lose weight or work out more? The weight-loss and fitness industries are billion-dollar industries and they feed off of our negative body images. There are constantly advertisements on television that tell us how unhealthy we are, how much weight we need to lose, how we must get the fat off us the quickest way possible to be slim and beautiful, or how much muscle mass we should have. This message of body dissatisfaction is a serious one and can even become deadly for young men and women. The saying is “you can never be too rich or too thin.” This is what young women believe when they see stars, their idols, walk the red carpet looking deathly skinny. They want to be like them; therefore they do whatever they can to obtain this unrealistic media driven picture of what the “perfect” woman looks like. Body image dissatisfaction has made eating disorders one of the biggest problems for young girls and women. Steroids have become the issue for young men. Commercial advertisers depict men and women as
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