Controversial Term Paper On Abortion: Human Pregnancy

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I am doing my controversial term paper on abortion. Abortion is the termination of a human pregnancy. There are different views to be seen on this topic which will be discussed in this paper. Depending on how far along the pregnancy is, determines what type of abortion procedure is performed on the human body. I am against abortion, but there are two different points of views that must be considered when talking about abortion; the mother’s point of view and the baby’s. The only thing keeping abortion legal is women’s rights and freedom to make your own decisions concerning one’s own life. You must be accountable for your own actions and not take the easy way out of a hard situation. Some women view abortion as escaping their problems, when they need to face reality. “If they notice a pregnancy, they'll go to the hospital. It sounds very easy; however, it sounds that they lack responsibility for their behavior” (Kuroda). The one factor that is…show more content…
The mother automatically chooses for her baby, whether it is in her best interest or not. Women choose their future with a child when they decide to have sex. Whether they like it or not, should not be their choice. They should be held to their responsibilities of being a mother to the child. They should be there for the child they brought into the world, care for it and act like a mother to it. From my perspective abortion is an act of murder, taking someone else’s life. Someone who cannot make choices for them self yet. This procedure needs to be abolished and done away with. These humans do not get the chance to fight, they do not get to choose whether to be born or not because their mothers take that away from them. Babies are precious and in some instances if not wanted can be given to a married couple who cannot have one. Someone must stand up for these unborn babies who cannot fight
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