Controversial Topic of the Missouri Compromise

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Slavery was a big controversy during the eighteen hundreds in the union. There were always constant disagreements regarding number of free and slave states, popular sovereignty, and the basic rights given to the slaves, if any. One controversial topic was the Missouri Compromise. This was a compromise amongst the north and the south during Manifest Destiny. When there were new territories being discovered in the west, there was an agreement stating the new states north of Arkansas-excluding Missouri- would all be free states. The Missouri Compromise caused so many misunderstandings and disagreements, it is said this was an indirect cause of the civil war. The Missouri Compromise was made in 1820, and it was a settlement trying to regulate the expansion of slavery. This controversy had occured when the state Missouri had applied for admission into the union, but had been rejected as the current states in the union had already achieved a balance in the number of slave and free states. If Missouri was accepted it would ruin the balance in the Senate to the slave states' advantage. To prevent their disadvantage in power, northerners accepted to admit Missouri into the union in one condition: they had to admit Maine as a free state. The admission of Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state would once again return to the balance, preventing and issues against the north and the south. The settlement was made stating that Missouri would be admitted as a slave state and
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