Controversies On Human Sociobiology By Edward Wilson

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Sara Studenski Animal Behavior May 6, 2015 Controversies in Human Sociobiology Edward Wilson described the term “sociobiology” in his literature, Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, as the “systematic study of the biological basis of all social behavior” (1975). Although that is a mouthful, it is this author’s opinion that the most important part of that description is the word “biological.” It seems to imply that sociobiology is nothing more than biological reactions in a social situation; it’s the “meat and potatoes” of our actions, but is that really all there is to it? Can how we behave in every day life, with our families, with our friends, and even during our moments of (hopefully) deep philosophical contemplation be condensed into biological processes? The same biological processes that enable us to see, hear, and remember to breath? Maybe that is the case, but perhaps there it is something more – therein lies the controversy. That is not to cheapen the aforementioned biological processes, as they are, of course, crucial to life. Reducing human interaction to solely biological processes, though, has unsettled many, from the time of Edward Wilson even to present day. With that said, it is clear, from his later works, that Wilson leaves room for other factors to determine our interactions with one another and even our destinies. To say that everything is left up to biology would be a mistake, even in the eyes of Edward Wilson. In his work, On Human Nature, he does

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