Controversies Over Technology in Early Childhood Classrooms Essay

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Controversies Over Technology in Early Childhood Classrooms

The role of technology in early childhood education is a controversial topic to both teachers and parents. The main concerns of both teachers and parents is the potential benefits for young children’s learning and development.. Supporters and non-supporters agree on the importance of young children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Supporters feel children should have the opportunity to use the computer as another tool to aide in and encourage their development. Non-supporters agree the computer may be a useful tool for young children but feel many teachers may not be using the computers in the best way to promote a healthy development in the child.
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These words may include “computer”, “disk”, ‘CD Rom”, and “monitor”. After introducing a few terms children are exposed to how to turn the computer on and off. Before having children operate the computers on their own it is extremely important to enforce the safety precautions when using a computer. To introduce a floppy disk to children have them hold a disk, then demonstrate how to handle the disk and insert the disk into the computer. Following the group exercise children should be given time to practice how to turn the computer “on” and “off” as well as insert the disk (Borgh, 1996). Timing is crucial when introducing children to computers. They need an abundance of time to experiment and explore the computer in order to fully understand how to use the computer on their own, as they learned with any other educational tool such as a pen and paper (Haugland, 2000). Teaching young children how to run programs is the next step. Children can be shown how to open and close a program as well aa how to get back to the “menu” to choose another program. Taking the time to properly introduce children to the computer at a young age will provide yet another resource for learning.

Technology: An Additional Tool For Learning

Technology offers children an additional tool to learn and to develop learning skills. Computers can reveal hidden strengths about a child. For example some children have difficulty developing their fine motor skill,
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