Controversies Surrounding Technological Conformity

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This paper addresses the controversies surrounding technological singularity, whether it is a possibility in the future or simply an overly ambitious/grandiloquent idea/fiction. The topic has been a household debate specially since the recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (i.e. Google’s prototype for driverless cars). On one hand, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enthusiasts and optimists suggest that technological singularity (TS) is inevitable, owing to the emulation of the human mind. They also credit the ‘exponential growth’ of progress in this field to be a key factor. While on the other hand, there are skeptics, that argue that this progress has its limits and will meet its end soon enough. They reason that emulating an extraordinarily…show more content…
I chose this topic to better understand not only my present environment but also my future surroundings. In this paper, I will first shed light on my sources where I got my information from, followed by the information itself, i.e. both sides of the argument on technological singularity. I will then differentiate between the two kinds of sources I chose and discuss the theories and themes relating to my topic. Finally, I will conclude my paper with my opinion on the controversy of the future of technological singularity.
Some key terminologies that will be mentioned in this paper include:
(1) Technological Singularity is an idea that AI will improve in competence at an exponential rate and take over human intelligence. They will reach the point where they correct their own defects and program themselves to produce artificial super-intelligent agents that as each generation of machines creates more intelligent machines, in turn, surpass human capabilities. (2) Moore’s Law suggests that the number of transistors on each integrated circuit double every year and a half since their invention. This trend has continued for fifty years now. (3) event horizon is the point of no return.
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