Controversy About Animals

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There was once a young boy that would start his days beforehand by cleaning his rifle. His dad will tell him that the time he spent cleaning his rifle doesn’t usually take that long, but to him it was the preparation, the anticipation, that was the most exciting part. He will set up a practice range behind his house and tack up an old camouflage jacket to aim right at the top of the button. He wanted to be optimum for when the real hunt begun. To him hunting season was the best part of the year. As he will look at his target through his rifle sight, he felt communication with him, “here we are together, bound as one in this wonderful moment of life and death.” In a second, a life of an animal will be taken away for a spiritual feeling that…show more content…
Rather, humans were hunted for sport by wolves. How would you feel if you were to lose a family member because of them, because they wanted to hunt for pleasure. Wouldn’t that make you feel bad? Now put yourself in the position of the animals being hunted for sport. They might be animals, but i’m sure they have the same feelings and responsibilities as we do. In the article, A Change of Heart about Animals by the former economists and activist Jeremy Rifkin, states, “many of our fellow creatures are more like us than we ever imagined. They feel pain, suffer and experience stress, affection, excitement and even love.” The stress that hunted animals have suffered are caused by fear and the inescapable loud noises and other commotion that hunters create; also severely compromises their normal eating habits, making it hard for them to store the fat and energy that they need in order to survive the…show more content…
As Rifkin once said, “in nature, animals naturally kill and eat each other. If the hawk does not care about the feelings of the rabbit that it eats, why should humans be any different?” Just like others might disagree with those that believe that animals don’t have empathy for one another. One can go back and forth about animals not having feelings, but I strongly believe that they do. Victoria Brathwaite has stated in her article Hooked on a Myth, “the main nerve for the face for all vertebrates, fish have the same two types of nociceptors that we do-A delta and C fibers. So they have the necessary sensory wiring to detect pain.” Like I said before, animals can feel just about the same empathy that a human can feel. Just because it’s an animal doesn’t mean it doesn’t crave the same love that we do or experience the same stress and excitement as we can as
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