Controversy: Does Technology Demote Education?

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With all the advancements the world has come to see in this day, education has become a topic of controversy on the effectiveness of technology in classrooms, and the answer lies in the learning: Does technology demote education? After several interviews people have had with the News Corp. affiliate, Amplify, it’s come to be known that they’re only involved in the school for the large profit it furnishes; they have no actual concern for educational improvement. In New York Times’ article, “News Corp. had said that education could be an engine for growth as profits shrink in other parts of the company’s business.” By this statement, they’re admitting that they wish to gain money off of education because every other part of their business is…show more content…
Sherry Turkle, an M.I.T. professor described her views of the situation as, “ ‘We become smitten with the idea that there will be technological solutions to these knotty problems with education, but it happens over and over again that we stop talking to kids.’ That’s the root of what she calls ‘the crisis in the ability to talk.’ High-school teachers are already complaining, she said, that their students ‘are fixed on programs that give the right answer, and they’re losing the notion of talking and listening to each other, skills that middle school is supposed to teach.’ “ Allowing students to use these devices as a way to teach themselves conflicts what the school is supposed to do, which is teach the children. If these tablets are all we need to solve the education problem, why do we have school buildings and teachers? There is no interaction in the classroom when the devices are present, according the Turkle, and they don’t develop normal communication skills that are important for the workplace and everyday life. Use of technology in the classrooms also introduces issues beyond the classroom at home. Larry Rosen’s studies concluded that, “ ‘There’s also a concern,’ he said, ‘that technology tends to overstimulate your brain,’ disturbing sleep cycles and preventing the mind from going into what psychologists
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