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Controversy exists over whether people adhere to this believe that there are some benefits associated with relaxing through playing sports in comparison with watching films or reading books. In my vantage point, strenuous physical activity help everyone has a peaceful rest and relaxing in that not only do physical activities make peace of mind and away from hustle and bustle busy life in modern society, but also these activities improve their social activities.
The first aspect to point out is that physical activities have positive influence on peoples' personal life. Moreover, doing these activities help them take a break from hectic life and unwind by playing their favorite sports. Additionally, playing sports is a good source of escapism. In simple term, people can take their mind off all collywobbles and tensions which are, nowadays, integral part of a normal daily life. Imagine a despondent man who is gets back home after a long day of work and not successful in his duties. Hence, one of the attractive
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In other words, people can cultivate relationships or cement the old ones. These relationships may provide opportunities to get assistance in one's personal life and get a chance to go through trials and errors of other lives to gain experiences, which help them look at their life through sagacity and perspicacity. If people develop relationships and share ideas with their new friends, they get familiar with difference world views and perspectives. Conspicuously, they get a better understanding of their lives and make wise decisions. As an illustration, consider the same example of a despondent man who can meet up with his friends in football game. Notwithstanding becoming disappointed, he can seize the moment and spends memorable times with them. As a consequence, he can conquer his impediments and obstacles as well as be
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