Controversy Has Become A Staple Part Of Modern Society.

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Controversy has become a staple part of modern society. The premise of various developments stemmed from debatable factors affecting progression or the end-product of a situation. The Private and Public hospitals epitomized this problem as both service groups are, in theory, meant to operate in the same manner. The nature of the two is controversial because each is governed by different ideologies that have contributed to communal problems. Consequently, the overlooked variants may be the catalyst for the imbalanced construct of the healthcare industry. Solving the disparity can become the solution to creating the better Medicaid and quality services that match the cost of healthcare. Based on 2014 research, there are 5,686 hospitals in…show more content…
First, the objectives across the two accentuated the debacle. Public hospitals are regulated to offer services, while the private counterparts are profit-driven. The state-owned services are invested in serving the community, which led to cheap services. On the other hand, private institutions set prices and extent of services to suit revenue objectives. Moreover, the owners created different tiers of healthcare to suit one’s budget. However, the structure is biased to force people to spend more for “quality healthcare.” Therefore, people are likely to miss quality care in private sector because one could not afford the exorbitant fees in the industry. Therefore, the private hospitals exploited the public on a service that should be based on the ideals of the public contingent. Secondly, the degree of funding has established the imbalanced approach to service delivery. State-owned facilities lack substantial funding because the government is invested in several state or national matters, which require financial aid. Consequently, hospitals are understaffed, and the workers are overworked that could lead to poor service delivery. As for private institutions, the facilities have an extensive volume of capital that allowed one to provide quality healthcare and other medical services. However, the price of services is extensively high to the point that healthcare is beyond the reach of the majority of people. It forced people to crowd public

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