Controversy In Hell

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The beginning of Book II of Paradise Lost brings to the readers an amusing paradox: a debate in Hell. From a religious point of view, there is no possible debate in Hell because God, alone, decides whom to send to Hell and the sinners who are sent to Hell cannot discuss this decision. From the point of view of the Western classical tradition, God does not exist, thus, there is no needs for a debate because, without God, Heaven and Hell do not exist. In other word, Milton seems to tell his readers that a debate in Hell is futile. However, Milton uses Satan and the three fallen angels to prove the superiority of God and to prove that classical values are important but not as valuable as God's values.
In Book II of Paradise Lost, Moloch, Belial, and Mammon seem impatient creatures with no common sense who want to get together to discuss the best way to recover Heaven. Each fallen angel proposes a course of action. It is interesting to see how the three
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[…] all things invite [t]o peaceful counsels, and the settled state [o]f order […] dismissing quite [a]ll thoughts of war.”
In other words, Mammon suggests that the best course of action seems the one that embrace classical values. Thus, the fallen angels should think critically, have self-control, and dismiss any decision that comes from emotions and desires. In addition, the fallen angels should be diligent and they should work hard toward the goal of creating a kingdom in Heaven's likeness. After all, Mammon claims, God’s creation is a model of perfection and thus by imitating Heaven, the fallen angels will have not only their perfect world but also a world in which God has no influence and no
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