Controversy Over Cigarette Advertising

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Cigarette advertising has changed throughout history from how it has been advertised, what is being advertised, and who the intended audience is. In the 60’s seeing a cigarette advertisement in the Sunday paper would just be like any other advertisement, but recent generations would be appalled to see such a gruesome product being publicized. The annual deaths from smoking cigarettes are increasing each year and doctors and scientist are teaming together to try and help prevent more. Realizing that advertising may be playing a role the controversy over cigarette advertising has lead to the censoring of harmful products in other public advertising which still has a lasting effect today. The first cigarette advertisement in the United States…show more content…
Cigarettes are one of the earliest known examples of advertising a product or service. People did not pay much attention to the advertisements until 1868, when the first large-scale tobacco took effect. In 1870, the first color…show more content…
Fashion designers would promote cigarettes and advertisements would be put in clothing magazines which were many of times being read by women. Cigarette brand Virginia Slims made an advertisement that said “We make Virginia Slims especially for women because they are biologically superior to men”. Companies would say anything to try and persuade their audience. Recently, people have become concerned with cigarettes advertisements being aimed at teenagers. While at the same time many anti-smoking advertisements are being put on to popular television networks for teenagers. MTV started an anti-smoking campaign, and encourages teenagers to live a “smoke-free lifestyle”. Studies have shown in 2000 approximately 14.9 percent of youths ages twelve to seventeen have smoked cigarettes before (NHSDA 69). The campaign is to improve teenagers attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors and create better, healthier life. Doctor Sally Dunlop stated that “it is increasingly recognized that the response of smokers to mass media campaigns is likely to be influenced by the kinds of messages broadcast” (66). 40 countries have placed bans on cigarette advertising, and scientist are retrieving the data to see if the bans have any kind of effect on society (Capella, Taylor, and Webster
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