Controversy Over Mandatory Voting

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Millions of Americans vote every four years to pick a new President. They could pick the same one or a new one. But do you think voting should be mandatory? There is some positive and negatives about mandatory voting. I believe there is more negative than positives. Mandatory voting should not be allowed. What if they aren’t educated and don’t know who to pick? Just randomly vote for a president that they probably never heard about before or don’t even know why they are running for president? In text 4 (line 19) it says, “It’s certainly true that in countries where voluntary voting, like the USA and UK, voter apathy is highest among the poor and uneducated.” This quote is saying that lower class citizens don’t vote because they aren’t well educated enough to know how to vote for and are dealing…show more content…
In text 3, line 27, it says “ In fact, some people might even interpret mandatory voting as a violation of the First Amendment’s prohibition of compelled speech.” If mandatory voting becomes a law, it will be against the First Amendment so the national government basically breaks that Amendment. Which also means that the government could most likely make more things mandatory and start breaking other amendments or laws. Will most likely lead to chaos. The only positive I believe is that it will show more of the country’s interest, more than normally. Only 60.4% percent of America votes. Which is actually a pretty high number. Most of the country complains that there’s a bad president. So go vote for someone you would like to be president. Instead of complaining of a president you don’t like until he’s gone from the president office. In conclusion mandatory voting should not be allowed because it violates the First Amendment and is forcing uneducated people to vote. Let people wait until they’re comfortable with voting and know enough about the country and the problems. Then see which president will help out the
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