Controversy Regarding Cannabis-Related Legislations in Canada

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There is presently much controversy regarding Cannabis-related legislations in Canada, as while there is a great deal of individuals supporting conditions in the present, there are also numerous people who are against contemporary laws. It is presently illegal to grow cannabis plants in Canada, but the authorities allow cannabis to be consumed for medical purposes. Many people in Canada believe that cannabis should be legalized in the country, with some of the most recent polls pointing toward the belief that the majority of individuals in the country consider that the substance should not be illegal. Although it would be difficult to assess the effects that legalizing cannabis would have, it is only safe to assume that the government should express more tolerance concerning the substance, considering that more than half of Canada's population has expressed its support in regard to the drug. Individuals who consume cannabis for recreational purposes are certain that the fact that this substance is included in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act as illegal is proof that the authorities directly discriminate them on account of their substance orientation. Canada has a history in debating the use of cannabis and the circumstances when it can be beneficial for the consumer and for society as a whole. The Canadian federal government encourages "protection for ill Canadians with degenerative health diseases" (Jacob 2009, 210). The federal government considers that the

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