Controversy Surrounding Abortion : A Hot Topic Of Discussion

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Candace Garrett Ms. Newman English 101 November 12, 2015 The Controversy surrounding abortion remains a hot topic of discussion. The question remains whether choosing abortion is murder. What is the rationale behind what leads a woman to terminate her pregnancy? What are the challenges and situations women face that make giving birth to a newborn such an impossible task? A pregnancy that takes place at the wrong place, and time can have a lifelong impact on a woman’s ability to raise her children, and support the family. It seems to be inconceivable that the only way out of an unplanned pregnancy and an impossible-to-negotiate future (Probe Ministries). According to the Holy Bible, God refers to the sanctity of human life which can be…show more content…
And 18% of all abortions are performed on women who identify themselves as born-again or Evangelical christians (Abortion No). The logical, as well as, the ethical side upon making this decision, are on the side of the Christian who stands for the sanctity of human life (Probe Ministries). According to Abortion No. the medical arguments against abortion are compelling. For example, Probe Ministries states that “at conception the embryo is genetically distinct from the mother’s.” To say that the developing baby is no different from the mother’s appendix is scientifically inaccurate. A developing embryo is also genetically different from the sperm and egg that created it. A human being has 46 chromosomes, occasionally 47. The sperm and egg have 23 chromosomes. A trained geneticist cannot distinguish between the DNA of a developing embryo and a full-grown human. Another set of medical arguments against abortion surround the definition of life and death. If the one set of criteria have been used to define death, could they also be used to define life? Death was once used to define that a human was no longer viable by the cessation of a heartbeat, so when the heart begins to beat, is that defined as the onset of life? The heart is formed by the eighteenth day in the womb. If the heartbeat was used to establish life, then nearly all abortions would be outlawed. If the cessation of brain wave
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