Controversy Surrounding The New Immigration Reform Essay

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the new immigration reform that was introduced by President Barack Obama. The issue has been split between politicians because one side wants illegal immigrants to face deportation while others want to make drastic changes to improve the broken system, so President Obama decided to take his own legal action on the issue. “Three critical elements of the President’s executive actions are: cracking down on illegal immigration at the border, deporting felons not families, and accountability by passing criminal background checks and paying their fair share of taxes” (The White House). Every year hundreds of thousands of immigrants come into the United States illegally. These immigrants come to America for a variety of reasons; whether it’s hoping for a chance at a better life or escaping violence and poverty in their home country. America’s immigration system has been broken for decades. Too many employers cheat the system by hiring undocumented workers who don’t have proper work authorization. There are millions of people living in the shadows that are afraid of being caught by authorities and sent back. These ongoing problems are neither good for the economy or the country. Obama has argued that this has been an ongoing problem for decades and that its time to fix this broken system. “The President’s actions will streamline legal immigration to boost our economy and will promote naturalization for those who qualify” (The White
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