Controversy Surrounding The Spotted Owls And Their Ecosystem

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The spotted owls in western North America still exist today, despite being an endangered species. There has been plenty of controversy surrounding the species regarding their habitat because their habitat is desired and used by logging companies. These owls tend to reside in old forests as they prefer old trees which are also preferred for logging. There has been plenty of controversy on whether or not logging companies should be put to a halt in forests that these owls reside in, which involve balancing values of environment and economy. This is mainly due to the fact that logging provides jobs as well as resources to people, despite the fact that it affects the owls and their ecosystem. It is debated whether or not owl’s habitat and ecosystem should be protected or not for the sake of logging.
Due to unfortunate circumstances, such as logging, the spotted owl’s habitat has been declining, thus resulting in the population to also decline. It has been reported that, “there are fewer than 100 pairs of Northern spotted owls in British Columbia, Canada, 1,200 pairs in Oregon, 560 pairs in northern California and 500 pairs in the state of Washington.” (“Basic Facts About Northern Spotted Owls” 2012), which demonstrates the the small amount of spotted owls left in parts of western North America. This coincides with the fact that the population is declining five times faster than anticipated under a British Columbia plan. The population has declined rapidly between 1992 to 2001

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