Controversy: Well-Known As Well Known In British History

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The year 1759 should really be as well known in British history as 1066 for this was when British finally achieved the global supremacy they would maintain for at least another hundred years. Most of the other better known school history dates into insignificance.
The Magna Carta of 1215 changed nothing Philip II of Spain launched other of madas after 1588; and 1688 ushered in what was a very precarious revolution for the time Trafalgar was fought and even if Napoleon had won at waterloo he could not have prevailed ultimately against ultimately against a coalition of Britain, Russia, Austria, and Prussia. If we can trace the beginning of the British Empire to a single year it must surely be 1759. The defeat of the French that year paved the way the emergence of the United States possible.
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The conflict was renewed earlier than expected. Therefore the seven year war 1756-1763. One was in North America where the very remoteness of the European conflict has led some historians to regard a thing apart, designated as the French and Indian war. The other was in Eastern Europe where Prussian and Austrian interests collided.
French expansion into the Ohio Country in the early 1750's led the British government to respond with a major expedition sent from London under General Edward Braddock. When the French saw the scale of the Braddock mission they sent six of their best battalions to Canada. The British Cabinet met in emergency session on January 1755 and took the momentous decision to intercept the French
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