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Reids Convenience Store Business Plan April 2003 Ben Reid Reid's Convenience Store 1035 Whenun Road Prince George, BC, V2K 5G5 Phone: (250) 555-5555 Fax: (250) 555-5555 E-Mail: Executive Summary: Applicant/Company Information a. Business Name: Reid's Convenience Store b. Address: 1035 Whenun Road, Prince George, BC, V2K 5G5 c. Phone: (250) 555-5555 d. Contact Person: Johnathan Reid e. Business Structure: Sole Proprietorship f. Banking Information: Bank: Royal Bank Address: Royal Bank - Main Branch 550 Victoria Street,…show more content…
l. Market Niche: Local Need: The customers that the store will target are the local residents and the Lheidli T'enneh First Nation members. The area has no other such convenience store in an 8 block radius, local residents’ grocery needs being filled by Overwaitea Foods, Safeway, or PGA Food Market, all in the town of Prince George. Proven Market: A small convenience store, The Little Valley Food Market located 6 blocks away, did exist until 6 months ago, when it was forced to close due to the high rent/lease costs. This business had a proven market that Reid's Convenience Store will capitalize upon. Management Experience: The experience that Mr. Reid brings to the endeavour is invaluable, he has product knowledge, is familiar with large chain pricing and techniques, and their sales strategies. While working for the local grocery store Mr. Reid established valuable wholesale contacts he will utilize in the new business. Community Support: Mr. Reid conducted a survey within the Lheidli T'enneh First Nation (35 households) and the results indicated that a small convenience store has overwhelming support for the concept. A copy of the survey is attached in the appendices of this business plan. m. Client Base: Reid's Convenience Store has a potential target market, as follows: 1. 800 local residents
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