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Problems Associated with Owning and Operating a Convenience Store By is an undergraduate student at Abstract Convenience stores have become very popular in this new era. Individuals rely a lot on convenience stores because they live in a world where everyone works, or has something going on in their lives all the time. For this reason, they sometimes don’t have the time to stop at a bigger store and get what they can get at a convenience store and not spare much of their busy time. Convenience stores are major contributors to the economy of the United States and they make different skill-leveled jobs to different people of the United States. Just as convenience stores have become very popular, there are also several problems affecting…show more content…
They argue that because convenience stores have a lot of posters of tobacco products, this attracts minors to consider buying tobacco products. Also they articulate that the fact that convenience stores are located on corners and there is a lot of traffic entering and exiting convenience stores parking lots; this allows for accidents to occur more often, because most of the time the reason people stop at convenience stores is because they are in a hurry and want to do what they need to do without spending a lot of time. For this reason, they do not pay close attention to automobiles that are entering and exiting the parking lots of the stores. Another problem is that nowadays, some convenience stores offer the service of playing video games on the premises of the store; this service has attracted many children because they can be playing video games at the same time that they can be enjoying a soft drink. There is a problem with this because beer is also sold in the majority of convenience stores and some individuals who go to purchase a beer already had a couple at home and are already intoxicated when they arrive at the store. This incapacitates them from driving a motor vehicle in the right manner and makes them more vulnerable to pay close attention to how they are driving. Children who are entering and exiting the
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