Convention Tourism Being Saturated?

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Recent years, conventions and meetings industry has been recognized as one of the most important contributor in tourism industry. It is speedily developing with a significant contribution to both business and leisure-related tourism (Rogers, 2008). Despite the rapid growth, the industry remains the same as creating social network, bringing people together to communicate by sharing information, exchanging ideas, launching new products and technology which add values to contribute to the economy of the host destinations. Without a deep thought planning, lots of destinations rush herself to this golden pool in order to share the “economic cake”. Does the industry still having “unlimited” growth potential or if it is saturated? Should “all”…show more content…
It is also complicated to track total convention spending by delegates and sponsors (Kim et al, 2003). Yet sometimes the same data would be calculated twice and contributed a double or triple of the economic impact of conventions through the multiplier (Sanders, 2004). On the contrary, arguments were made that not all the destinations should actively promote conventions and meetings mainly due to no guarantee for substantial returns on investment. Lee and Lee (2006) and Sanders (2004) highlighted the boom of development in convention and meeting has brought out some critical issues like over-supply in the market, resulted in the profitability of the facilities. McCartney (2006) suggested those cities continue to promote convention growth, should conduct a performance evaluation over time. One the demand side, the global inflation may also decrease the delegate’s motivation on spending. They may prefer saving to spending. If the foreign exchange currency is appreciated like Singaporean Dollars, the delegates may choose a similar destination like Hong Kong for convention venue due to a lesser impact on opportunity cost. Morgan and Condliffe (2006) suggested negative economic impacts such as traffic congestion and disruption to resident lifestyles should be put into account. This kind of business tourism can
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