Convention Vs. Eccentricity

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So far we can gather background information on Alizon and Richard. We discovered in Act I that Alizon was raised in a convent when she says, “My father thought he would never be able to find enough husbands for six of us, and so he made up his mind to simplify matters and let me marry God. He gave me to a convent (p.14).” However, we also discover that she was pulled out of the convent to wed when she says, “But he found that husbands fell into my sisters’ laps. So then he stopped thinking of God as eligible – no prospects, he thought. And so he looked round and found me Humphrey Devize (p. 14).” Also, with these quotes I can conclude that the culture during the Medieval Period thought of women to not have any true aspirations in life or have…show more content…
Eccentricity is shown in Act I, but not as much as Chaos vs. Order. During Act I Richard represents convention while Thomas represents eccentricity. Convention is best shown in Richard when he says, “Why, no, I – To be – want to be hanged? How very drunk you are after all. Who ever would want to be hanged (p. 11)?” Although, this doesn’t portray the convention where Richard is following the rules, it reveals the convention of his mind, or how narrow-minded he is. Richard is unable to understand why Thomas would want to kill himself due to the rules of normal society that are implanted in his head. On the other hand, Thomas is completely opposite and his personality is best shown when he says, “Since opening-time I’ve been propped up at the bar of heaven and earth, between the wall-eye of the moon and the brandy-cask of the sun, growling thick songs about jolly good fellows in a mumping pub where the ceiling drips humanity, until I’ve drunk myself sick, and now, by Christ, I mean to sleep it off in a stupor of dust till the morning after the day of judgement (p. 24)” From this quote, and many others I’ve read, I can conclude that Thomas wants to die because he’s tired of living and this mindset makes him eccentric because many people of the village simply don’t share his reasoning and can’t understand
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