Conventional Hardbound Textbooks or E-Textbooks? Research Methodology

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Accordingly, the research proposal will be submitted to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for human subjects review and approval.
The sampling frame will consist of freshmen students enrolled in introductory level courses in the math, English, and psychology departments for three consecutive years. A convenience sampling procedure based on the normally occurring matriculation of students will be employed in this research. A sufficiently large number of subjects will be recruited to offset issues related to attrition or withdrawal from the study.
Department heads for each of the disciplines will be contacted by email to alert them to a forthcoming request for access to students enrolled in their courses. The department heads will be asked to make initial contact the professors in their department to plumb for interest in the study. Complete packets of information describing the study purposes and procedure will be provided to those professors and department heads who indicate that they are willing to assist with access to study participants. Data collection and data analysis will be conducted by this author and by research assistants recruited by the author, such as teaching assistants and students enrolled in the social sciences classes
Research Paradigm This study is grounded in phenomenology and uses a mixed methods approach…

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