Conventional Wisdom: Everyone Wants To Face Death

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Conventional wisdom has it that nobody ever wants to face death. Steve Jobs has created an argument that shows his point of view. Putting a price on someone’s head isn’t right because what makes a person better than someone else just by how he dresses? To face the obstacles everyday in life, Roger Ebert and his struggles. I agree with Steve Jobs’s ideas such as when he lost his life’s work, and was devastated. When he learned he had cancer because everyone should live every day like it’s their last.
In Steve Jobs’s speech, he talked about his experiences and the outcome of each one. Early in Steve Jobs’s life he was successful and when that was taken away everything seemed lost. He never gave up hope even though things appeared lost. He kept living his life in the present and did not worry about the future. Some people would’ve given up after getting removed from a company, they created or diagnosed with cancer. No matter how bad things seems for Steve Jobs’s he
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Going through life and hit such a large obstacle that everything seems hopeless and you just want to give up. But yet, from reading Steve Jobs’s speech it has made me realize that just because everything seemed lost. Doesn’t mean I should just roll over and surrender. No, I had to continue with my life, everything wasn’t over just from losing someone you looked up to. Choosing to continue to live with their memory was enough to get me out of bed in the morning when everything seemed lost. It is amazing how quick life can be taken into the darkness and you may just want to give up. But yet, life will always throw an obstacle in your way and it’s just a matter of overcoming it and taking those steps forward and not steps back. One must look to the future and leave the past in the past otherwise nothing will ever get done. When the time comes we will accept our death and the flame will be extinguished for
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