Convergence in Internet and Technology

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The CEO of Cisco is actually well informed, as is expected. Convergence is exactly where the Internet is going, but it is also divergence. That is, billions of devices will be constantly connected to the Internet and the Internet will be spread across all of these connected devices. So we will have the stored pages on servers, plus the desktops and the billions of smartphones, laptops and tablets holding the current information available on the Internet at any given time, plus billions more tiny embedded chips communicating with myriads of other chips to control our environments and make life easier. What this means is that we will be living in a hypermedia world, and this will affect every corner of every aspect of our lives. The…show more content…
It is like an ambulance instantly knowing which streets are open and which are blocked or slow, which is not a current reality due to technology and the Internet and the connectivity about which this project is done. Distributed connected isolation is magic. As long as electricity flows somewhere in the world the Internet will never go down. IP6 as a protocol has not been universally adopted yet, but it will be, and by that time many early adopters will have switched to whatever is better and newer. All of this, including the possibly trillions of tiny nodes on line from connected devices will function because Internet routers and packet switchers are now capable of sorting traffic by type and size. So although traffic will increase capacity will increase alongside it (Schwartz 8-8). The world is imagined as totally connected with a monumental network of interactive devices to control everything from our home systems and appliances to parking meters and car systems ("App Central.").Tech companies are looking to sell more devices. Other companies want to ride the wave of profit and customers simply want all the new gadgetry to make life easier, or at least more interesting. For business it means that JIT (Just in Time) manufacturing, delivery and supply chain becomes a reality as the devices can communicate and regulate everything without human intervention. New application for all these connected devices will flood the market and people will be
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